Sunday, September 13, 2015

Featuring Candleinfinity Holiday Candles

Candleinfinity Holiday Candles features Sugar Plum Berry, Spiced Cranberry, Orange Spice, Cinnaberries, Holly & Ivy, and Frasier Fir. Amazing fragrances for the holiday season. Candles are the the perfect gift to give to friends and family. Candleinfinity candles are hand poured, use all natural soy wax, and cotton wicks.

The popular holiday scents are the outdoor scent of christmas trees like frasier fir, pine, spruce, or cedar. We can not forget the smells of the holiday season cooking. Fragrances of Spice, Cinnamon, Oranges, Cranberry, Vanilla and Peppermint. Candleinfinity Holiday Sugar Plum Berries Candle has an aroma of sweet citrus that makes everyone remember the holiday season.Candleinfinity Holiday Travel Tin Trio comes with three 2 oz travel tins with classic scents of peppermint, vanilla, and spiced cranberry. The travel tins come in a gift bag that is all ready to give as gifts. This is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Archipelago Fireside Cedre Candle has the scent of burning cedar. Paddywax Holiday Woodland Tin Candle has the fragrance of fir, mistletoe, and fresh mint. Seda France Holiday Candle has a blend of fir balsam, fir needle, cedar, grapefruit, orange oil, eucalyptus, and bergamont. Thymes Frasier Fir Candle has the classic scent of frasier candle. Come visit us at


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Candleinfinity Color Collection

Candleinfinity Colors Collection is a bold creation of bright, vivid colored candle jars with fragrances that will touch your senses. CHOOSE your JAR COLOR and then CHOOSE your FRAGRANCE to create your own unique combination of charm and zest. Candleinfinity Colors Collection has a unique style that will bring a modern pizzazz to any room in the house. All Candleinfinity candles use recycled glass and are hand poured, all natural soy, and use only cotton wicks. More candle jar styles and fragrances to come!

Candleinfinity Vintage Collection

Candleinfinity Vintage Collection has an unique vintage charm while maintaining a modern zest. Choose from a classic vintage candle with a metal holder or just a unique vintage glass jar in remembrance of the old world charm. Choose your jar and then choose your fragrance to create your own unique combination of charm and zest. Candleinfinity Classic Vintage Collection will add elegance to any home decor. All Candleinfinity candles use recycled glass and are hand poured, all natural soy, and use only cotton wicks. More candle styles and fragrances to come!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Holiday Candles for the Winter Season

The Paddywax Woodland Collection has arrived at for the holidays! Amazing Woodland fragrance captures the perfect scent of a winter wonderland. The Paddywax Woodland scent of Fir, Mistletoe, and Fresh Mint comes in a decorative tin. The holiday popular scents of the fresh outdoor trees or the spices that can be smelled during holiday season cooking. The popular scent of Fir, Cedar, Pine, Bergamot, and Sandalwood are the favorites during the winter season. Some popular delicious scents of the season are Cinnamon, Vanilla, Orange, Tangerine, and Clove.

Some favorite holiday fragrances that will bring the winter wonderland into homes. Seda France Holiday Candle has a blend of Fir Balsam, Fir Needle, Cedar Wood, Grapefruit, Orange Oil, Eucalyptus, and Bergamot. Mixture Holiday Cheer Votive Set of 3 has a blend of Pine, Fir and Cedar. Thymes Frasier Fir Candle has a fresh scent of the outdoors with a blend of Siberian Fir needles, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Votivo Holiday Christmas Sage Candle has a blend of freshly harvested juniper berries, tangy hemlock cones, and fragrant emerald hued spruce. Mixture Holiday Peace Votive Set of 3 has a blend of crisp citrus with light camphor along with ginger, clove, anise and vanilla. Paddywax Charles Dickens Candle has a blend of Tangerine, Juniper and Clove. The holiday season is here and the winter candles are arriving at


Monday, September 1, 2014

Candleinfinity Gearing Up for the Holiday Season

Candleinfinity Gearing Up for the Holiday Season. Shop +candleinfinity Now!

1.   Thymes Frasier Fir Candle has a fresh scent of the outdoors with a blend of Siberian Fir needles, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood. Thymes Frasier Fir is a special gift to give to friends and family year around. Capture and enjoy the perfect moment of the season by bringing the fresh, crisp scent of an evergreen forest into your home.

2.  Capri Blue - Blue Jean Candle has a blend of Citrus with White Musk and Patchouli. The Capri Blue best-selling signature jar is handblown from recycled glass. Each candle is hand-poured and topped with a recycled steel lid. The Capri Blue Collection creates an experience with every burn.

3.   Votivo Teak Candle has a blend of Amber and Pine with Teak, Dry Woods, Spice Musk, Vetiver, and Oakmoss. An aromatic blend of coarsely chopped dried herbs and forest floor earthen moss blended with an intoxicating masculine scent of moist skin fresh from a shower, Teak is a wood inspired fragrance designed to fill a room with exotic taste and lingering flavors of opportunities gone by and sensual dreams to come.

4.   Creative Energy Mountain Grove Candle infuses Cedarwood Vanilla, Patchouli, and Clover Leaf. Creative Energy Candles is an unique 2-in- 1 candle. When burned, it melts to create a warm, beautiful aroma, as well as a luxurious and healthy body lotion for the skin. Creative Energy Candles include a healthy combination of vitamins A, E, and K, providing essential minerals and antioxidant properties to enhance wellness. The soybean wax is dermatologist-tested, FDA-approved and Kosher-certified. You can pour a small amount of melted wax into the palm of your hand, and gently massage into the hands, feet, or back. Or just sit back and enjoy the wonderful fragrance of your Creative Energy Candle. They are hand-poured soy candle, scented with fine fragrances and essential oils. The packaging is made of 100% recyclable wrap sleeves, minimizing waste and providing a much greener alternative to packaging.

5. Capri Blue - Velvet Moss & Jasmine has combination of Bergmot, Jasmine, Ginger and Oak Moss. The Capri Blue best-selling signature jar is handblown from recycled glass. Each candle is hand-poured and topped with a recycled steel lid. The Capri Blue Collection creates an experience with every burn.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Share the Love of Candles with Candleinfinity

Candleinfinity features a large selection of Amazing Candles for everyone to enjoy. Find just the scent for any room in the house or office.  Sweet scents, gourmand scents from the kitchen, floral lovers favorites, hardy woods scents, the fresh crisp outdoors, or the exotic aromas that combine the perfect mixture of several scents that capture the nose.

Buy Archipelago Candles Online. Archipelago Excursion Collection come in a variety of bold colors to decorate each room in the house. Archipelago Signature Collection will deliver unique fragrances of florals, fruity, woodsy, herbal, fresh green, or delicious gourmand. Archipelago A.B. Home Collection delivers an original classic assortment of fragrances. Black Forest Collection is an irresistible favorite of Black Currant, Ebony Wood, and Douglas Fir. The intoxicating scent is amazing in any room of the house or office.  

Capri Blue Candles features a signature best selling cobalt blue containers that are handblown from recycled glass. The Capri Blue Collection will provide an amazing illumination to any room and give you a special experience to share with family and friends. Capri Blue has an unique food-grade soy wax that is formulated to absorb more fragrance oil than any other natural candle wax. Capri Blue features The Capri Blue Mercury Collection is inspired by elegance and comes in an unique modern vintage container that looks beautiful in any room of the house. Capri Blue believes "Creating a premier fragrance line with highest quality and eco-friendly practices".

Seda France Luxury Candles come in amazing complex aromas. Choose from exotic, floral, herbal, citrus, woodsy combinations that will bring your home to life. Seda France candles harvest the senses that captures the favorite essence of aromas. Seda France's Classic Toile Collection was inspired from the centuries-old French "toile de jouy" design elements. The 60 hour burn time, hand-poured candles will make for the perfect gift to give with its unique packaging "gifts that need no wrapping".

Candleinfinity offer a variety of luxury candles, scented candles, jar candles, soy candles, diffusers, and candle accessories. Candleinfinity features luxury top name brands including Archipelago Candles, Aquiesse Candles, Aspen Bay Candles, Capri Blue Candles, Paddywax Candles, Votivo Candles, Thymes Frasier Fir Candles, and Seda France Candles. Visit for the perfect scent!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Candleinfinity Features Seda France Candles

Candleinfinity features the Luxury Seda France Candles. The Seda France scented 10 oz candles have an elegant, stylish packaging with a their signature "no wrapping paper needed". The sophisticated fragrances are perfect for any room or office. The top selling fragrances are Japanese Quince, French Tulip, and Elegant Gardenia. Shop now at Candleinfinity